Will Christopher ever get to play with his train on this very busy day?

Find out as you get to know the Merry Family in this delightful adventure. Follow Christopher; the youngest of the 6 Merry children, through this extremely busy day. Come along as Christopher bounces from errands, to doctor appointments, to sibling activities. Be pleasantly surprised at how this BIG family is able to work together, support each other, and even allow Christopher to play with his train. Whether you are part of a big family, or the thought of a big family scares you…you will be sure to smile at the happenings of the Merry Family…The More the Merrier!

Fun for one, Fun for ALL!

Download, print and color your favorite Merry Family character today!


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2.) Press "CTRL + P" to print
3.) Enjoy!

Tammy Waech

Meet the Author

Tammy Waech lives in Southeastern Wisconsin with her husband, Bill, and their seven children. Throughout her years as a wife and mother she has enjoyed baking, volunteering, driving her kids around, creating chore charts and even occasional dates with her husband. On a professional level she has worked in the past as an account manager in the medical field and now enjoys working as a communications coordinator at a local Church. She feels very blessed by her BIG family and is thrilled to share some of the happenings of big families with her readers. You will be sure to smile at the happenings of the Merry Family…The More the Merrier!

Cate Virnich

Meet The Illustrator

Cate Virnich is a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is majoring in nursing. In her spare time, she works part-time and enjoys doing side projects involving her artwork. She is very excited to have the opportunity to help share the stories of the Merry Family.


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